They Are Not Me

When you lie down at night

engulfed by darkness,

consumed by lust

as you put your arms around another,

and as you kiss his lips

and feel his wet tongue moving in your mouth

as he pulls you closer

– and you pull him closer too;

as you embrace him like you embraced me nights before,

and when you told me you loved me,

with the same lips that you use to kiss him,

and held me with the same arms that you use to embrace him,

and as he puts his head on your chest – listening to your heart beat

the same heartbeat I hear every night before I go to sleep;

and as your fingers entwined with his

I can only imagine yours holding mine;

as I lie on my empty bed thinking about you,

And I wonder;

“Do you ever think about me, the way I think about you?”

“Do you feel the same way as I do?”

as I lie awake engulfed by my darkness

you lie in yours,



in yours

– with another.

p.s: It’s been a while.

p.s.s: Thanks Ikah for the inspiration LOL