Poetry, Random Thoughts, Short Story


“I can’t imagine my life without you now. You’re the reason I smile each day. The same reason why I go to sleep at night without nightmares knocking on my door. When I wake up, you’re the first thing I want to see, the first thing I want to touch, the first thing I want to embrace. You’re my body, my blood; my soul. You’re my whole entire Universe.

You make me happy.You make me feel needed. You want me. And I love that you make me feel that way. That I am worthy of someone like you. Someone who’s smart, caring, who knows how to treat me right. Someone who makes me laugh, spoils me with kisses and such, and someone who I run to when my day’s shitty as hell.

You make me feel special again.

I can write a million words, and I could scream on top of my lungs those three words, and I can hold you every night, and yet it will still not be enough to show how much you mean to me. It’s like a mathematical equation that would take ages to solve, a philosophical discussion that baffles people, a story book with no end.

If in any way I have hurt you, made you cry, angered you, made you feel less special, I truly am sorry. It’s not my intention. I can’t control my emotions sometimes. It’s true that you hurt the ones you love. But when I hurt you, I hurt myself too. If your heart breaks, imagine the shattered pieces of my own. Can you?

So thank you for that fateful day when you said hi. And I said hi. And we conversed. And we met. And you chose to stay.

Everyone else left when they saw my flaws.

But you, you idiot – idiot that’s in love – you chose to stay.”


P.S: Happy Valentine’s Day love birds!


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