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Kau Sexy Kau Patut Kena Raped

The internet is hyped about the return of the serial rapist Selva Kumar. Now if you don’t know who this man is, click on his name.

What’s interesting about his return doesn’t revolve around the actual rapist, but around the society that he’s come home to. Many people jeer his presence and request for him to not be accepted in the country, while there are some who support his return in hopes that he’d ‘educate’ women by raping them – because women dress too sexily – hence fall victim to rapists.

To note some examples, I will link you to Twitter accounts who support this man’s return. Now, besides supporting the idea of welcoming home a SERIAL rapist, these men (who shamefully are Malays, Muslims and Islam), have made claims that because  women dress to scantily, they deserved to be raped. One Twitter account suggests that men CANNOT control their urges (or nafsu) hence, a raping spree is unavoidable. How pathetic can men be? And we blame women for our sickening nature? *clapclapclap*

If I were parents to these sick kids, especially if I’m a mother to them, I’d be deeply troubled and ashamed. These kids are the future and if they’re part of the future, our future seems bleak.


Kau paham tak sekarang, masalahnya, fucktards ni cakap kau pakai sexy, kau memang patut dirogol. Bodoh tak argument tu? Dah tu bebudak bawah umur yang didera, di-molest, dirogol, dibunuh tu macam mana pulak? Sexy ke bebudak bawah umur tu? 

Nah, read some:

1. 3000 rape cases in Malaysia

2. Girls falling victim to sexual predators

3. High Rape Cases in Malaysia

These are only some of the many links on rape cases in Malaysia. There’re more cases out there, some maybe left unreported by the victims for fear of their lives, or even worst, being mocked and judged by society.

Our society is getting sicker. What irks me most is that these people shallowly link religious commandments which instruct women to cover themselves while at the same time, blinding their eyes towards ayat Quran which states that men should control their gaze and nafsu as well. The Quran states that men should protect the women, but look what society has turned itself into.

Now, we need Sex Education more than ever. Sex Education is NOT ABOUT TEACHING PEOPLE ON WAYS TO DO SEX (THAT’S KARMASUTRA), but Sex Ed is about raising awareness on issues pertaining to sexual matters which include health, awareness, contraceptives, STDs etc. Here’s a link to Singapore’s Sex Ed scope.

I’m a small fish in a big world, heck we’re all small fishes but please, don’t be shallow minded and become assholes on the internet. Your arguments are invalid and will forever be invalid.

p.s: Don’t be an idiot and an asshole.


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