Random Thoughts

How to Survive University Life


I haven’t updated this blog for almost a year now. Talk about wasted space huh? So what got me writing again? I guess it’s just this constant gnawing at the back of my head just asking me to write stuff again because honestly:

  1. I miss writing &
  2. I think my writing skills are getting a bit rusty.

But hey I’m back and because the new semester is about to begin, I would like to share a few tips on how you can survive in the university (and hopefully beyond that).


  • Learn to manage your finances.┬áThis is the most important advice I could give you. Don’t spend according to what your friends are spending. Spend according to what you can afford, not based on desires. If you could, try to get some part time jobs here and there, or better yet, set-up your own business. Some students are taking advantage of the internet by selling things online. If you’re smart (and lucky), you might be richer than your lecturers. Point in case here is, remember, you’re a student, so spend like one.
  • Be punctual. Be it for attending classes, meetings, or handing in assignments, try to be as punctual as you can. Don’t rely too much on last minute work because trust me, you’ll go crazy.
  • Learn to manage your time. This goes hand in hand with the two points above. If you are doing part-time jobs, make sure you know how to arrange your schedules. Learn how to prioritize things.
  • Get out of your comfort zone. Do things that scare you. Try out things that you hadn’t ever done in school. Learn new things – because at the end of the day, employees are more inclined to look at what you have done, over than what grade or pointer you have achieved. Not to say that grades don’t matter, they do. But with so many graduates out there, a little something extra in you can help get you the job of your dreams.
  • Lead something. Yes, not many people can become leaders, but you’ll never know until you try. So take charge sometimes. Don’t be scared. Be the responsible one in your group.
  • Take up new skills like photography, drawing, dancing, singing, acting, writing, design, coding – all these skills you can learn from your friends and your lecturers. These skills are valuable because they can make you learn and experience things that you cannot learn and experience in your classroom.
  • Get involved in programs and projects. Like taking charge, try becoming embroiled in programs and stuff. Learn to manage dramas, or activities, or take up volunteering. Not only you’ll meet more people and get to expand your social circle, but you’ll realize you’ll become more confident and more organized (hopefully).
  • If you’re living away from your family, try not going back for mid-term break. Instead, go explore places with your friends (if you can afford it of course). Visiting your friends’ kampungs will be a nice experience because trust me, once you’re working, it’ll be hard for you to even go anywhere (unless your job requires you to).
  • Improve your English. Take this opportunity to expand your English language skills. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, or don’t be too lazy to do extra exercises, or don’t take your English classes for granted (in fact, don’t take any of your classes for granted). You might not see the significance, relevance and importance of the English language now, but when you’ll go out into the real world, you’ll see why having good English is a valued skill among workers.

Last but not least:

  • HAVE FUN. Enjoy the moment of being young and carefree. Yeah you’ll be plagued with assignments, tests, exams and programs, but create time and space for you to have fun with your friends. Relish in every single moment. Experience the glory of university life (or lack thereof). The point is, you’ll (hopefully) go through your degree life just once. So, enjoy the moment while it lasts because you’ll never get to experience something like it ever again.


p.s: Yes, I miss my university life. Every. Single. Piece. Of it.