What to Write About?

I turned 25 yesterday. Nothing special happened. I was in a meeting for half a day. Then I went out having sushi with my colleagues. Then I went home and had a small celebration with my family. And that was it. That was how my 25th year began – normal and dull. But hey, I’m 25.

It’s crazy how hectic life has been these past few months. I am beginning to feel older and I feel like there’s too little time for anything. But life has been dull, that much I can say. I’m still sorta waiting for the day when I can just pack my bags and be gone for a week – to somewhere nice. But I don’t know why I am restricting myself. Well, probably because of money. Yeah, gotta wait for the right time for that.

Anyways, I think I need to be more creative. I miss writing stories and sappy poems. That was my forte back then. I think I’m losing the touch and it’s time for me to revive the sappiness in me. I feel like I’m becoming more heartless, which is not so good. Sappiness brings out the creativity in me. Someone has asked me to write a novel. Maybe I should? I don’t know. It’s a good challenge for me I think. It’d be nice to get something published – by me.

What to write about though?