The Chase.

There are things in life that you are never meant to have. For example, a guy you have been calling and texting non-stop, and yet he has not replied to even a single one of your desperate calls for attention. And yet late at night, you still dwell on the endless possibilities: Maybe his phone is not working, maybe he is busy, maybe is with someone else?

And yet late at night, you still crave for his love and his attention. You don’t want much. You just want to hear the phone ring and when you see the screen, his name appears. You don’t want much. You just want a text from him apologizing to you for being such an asshole. You don’t want much. You just want to spend time with him, talking about random things and getting to know each other. You don’t want much. You just want him – all of him.

But he acts as if you don’t exist. He acts as if you don’t matter and yet you go through all the heartache for him because you really, really, really want him. Why though, why? Maybe it’s time for you to stop – just, stop. Stop hoping, stop chasing. Just, stop. Haven’t you heard what people have been saying? If he loves you, he will come to you. Just, stop. You don’t need him – and he certainly doesn’t need you.

Go and try to fall in love with someone else. It is a process, I know – having to pick yourself up and mending the broken pieces again – but this is not the first time. You’ve done it before, you can surely do it again. Trust me, you will be fine. Yes, the longings and the cravings for him will still be there; that’s totally normal. But eventually, you’ll learn to forget about him – everything about him.

You will. Just give yourself some time. But don’t dwell too much. Open up your heart for other options. They will come. Be patient. If things are meant to be, they will happen. For now, just learn to walk away. It’s time for others to chase you, instead of you chasing them.

p.s: Miracles sometimes do not exist.