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The Edge of Tomorrow: A Movie Review


When I say I am not the biggest fan of Tom Cruise, believe me. I have not been a fan of his acting. There’s just something so bland and predictable about his acting skills. That’s just me of course. So when I went to watch The Edge of Tomorrow, I was seriously, really surprised at Tom Cruise (and mostly myself too) for being able to carry the role of Major Cage so well. From the get go, we’re introduced to Cage as a cowardly soldier whose main purpose in the army was to “promote the war” and not to fight for it. However, a visit to the military headquarters in London changed everything. Before he knew what was going to happen to him, Cage was sent to Heathrow to join a band of soldiers who were about to invade a beach in France. Cage resisted, but of course, he was sent anyways to fight the battle against a race of violent aliens who were set to invade Earth. Cutting the story short, Cage died in the battle. But, he was “fortunate” that he killed an Alpha alien – one that was blessed with the ability to reset the day if things didn’t go right. The alien’s blood fused with Cage’s and evidently, Cage got the alien’s power to reset the day.

In his many battles, he met Rita (played surprisingly well by Emily Blunt), a feisty soldier known to some as the Angel of Verdun and the Full Metal Bitch. She knew that Cage possessed a power that she once had, and she told him to come meet her another day. He did meet her, but of course she didn’t know who he was because only Cage knew what was happening. Upon his explanation, Rita knew exactly what was going on. Together, Cage and Rita must Live, Die and Repeat the process until they get it right – by exterminating the alien race hell-bent at taking over the world.

Emily Blunt as Rita

Emily Blunt as Rita


So hot.

So hot.

The movie came as a surprise for me – a wonderful one! I didn’t expect that I would enjoy the movie as much, but I did. Both Cruise and Blunt played their characters well – especially Blunt. She is best known as playing Meryl Streep’s assistant in Devil Wears Prada and other romantic, soppy, soft movies but I guess everything changed when she played this tough character Sarah in Looper. She was awesome as Rita in my opinion and this inner feminist inside me woke up like a Phoenix just watching her kick ass in The Edge of Tomorrow. I think Hollywood has found a possible female action superstar. And the British accent, super duper sexy!

It was also great seeing the progression of Cage’s character from being this softy and coward to somewhat of a super hero when it comes to battling the aliens. From someone who knew zero about combat, Cage came out on top. (Well, you’d expect that from the person who’s been going through the same moments in life over, and over again).

The story line was alright. The director Doug Liman and writers Christopher McQuarrie, Jez Butterworth and John-Henry Butterworth made the novel by Hiroshi Sakurazaka come to life with their interpretation of the Sakurazaka’s novel All You Need Is Kill. The writers and director has made the movie comedic and packed with action – the comedy resulting from Cage’s accidents and deaths. However, towards the middle, the movie got a bit tired. I think it was only me, but it was exhausting seeing Cage dying and living and dying again.

Overall, the movie was an enjoyable one. You know sometimes Hollywood creates all this stupid excuses about aliens invading Earth because they want our water, our minerals, our resources, or just so that they could call home, well on The Edge of Tomorrow, the aliens were invading as just because they can and just because they want to. It’s an interesting concept – repeating the same day all over again until you get it right. It’s like you are living in a video game. You die, and you do the same things all over again until things go your way. For those of you who have not watched this movie, go ahead and catch it now!


Life would be so much better like that right? You start at the beginning before everything else begins.

Rating: 3.7/5