I Love (Malay) T.V Series

Why do we obsess on stories of love between a rich person and a poor one? (Malay) dramas that you watch on t.v. usually play on the theme of “kampung girl” marrying an upscale playboy turned goody-goody two shoes when he meets her at an office where she happens to be working for him. The recipe has always been the same for most (Malay) dramas:

Poor girl goes into the city to find a job. She finds a job and the boss of the company happens to be an attractive 20++ something guy who had just gotten promoted to become a CEO of the company because the father (or mother, or both) says he could. Guy treats girl badly at first but slowly he realizes what a helpless, patient, kind, lovely, and innocent girl she really is and he starts to develop feelings for her. But wait! The guy of course has a bitchy ass of a girlfriend who’d do anything to show off how lucky she is to have a guy like him. Bitchy girlfriend finds out that the boyfriend has a little somethin’ somethin’ with the helpless and pathetic poor girl that the bitchy girlfriend torments the pathetic poor girl. Instead of playing on the feminist card where both girls could just play games with the guy in question, the writers choose to go for a more “conventional” story line; merely to satisfy the audiences’ taste of course. Complications, yada, yada, yada. Guy and poor girl gets married and she lives fabulously happy in a glorious estate with a husband who could be cheating on her with another, younger girl once he gets his “Datuk-ship” or “Tan Sri-ship”. But that’s another story.

Or nowadays, the most prized and typical story line goes something like this: Girl marries rapist and rapist turns out to be sweet, rich, handsome and perfect so they end up living happily ever after. Don’t get me started on this one. Who thinks of a story about a woman finally being happily married with her rapist? It is o.k that a woman marries her rapist, just as long as he’s sweet, rich and handsome like Aaron Aziz. HOW MANY PEOPLE ACTUALLY EXPERIENCE THIS? WHERE DO WRITERS GET SUCH AN IDEA?! 

We have been exposed with the idea that the best love story involves a rich individual with a poor individual for so long that I guess it’s hard to do a story about a poor guy and poor girl getting married and having children together and actually being happy about it. Cinderella ring any bells in your head? Sure, they are people who end up marrying someone rich, but how many of us actually do?

Can’t dramas show a little more truth in their story? Love doesn’t exist between the rich only. Can’t you just show a story about a small time reporter marrying a teacher and they live happily ever after, even if their budget’s a little too tight every month? Can you stop showing stories about “datuks and datins”, victims falling in love with their rapists, helpless girl falling for rich guy, or about people living in huge ass mansions, or about poor girl who looks like she’s been to a salon the first day she’s out in the city, or about a handsome guy falling for a gorgeous girl, or about rich, gorgeous people falling for poor, pathetic characters who seem to have no back bone and all they can do is be nice because that’s what their one-dimensional characters are supposed to do? Not all of us live that way – unfortunately. 

I don’t want to blame the writers 100% for the kind of dramas we have on t.v. right now. I think the director and audiences play a crucial role too. I mean, even if you have written this really sweet, touching and true story about love, but if people do not like it, why bother writing about it in the first place? It is all about mentality. And this mentality has to stop. 

I know all of us dream of being rich, or being married to someone rich but that does not have to be translated on every single drama we have on television. Feed us with something more realistic, tangible, something that we all can relate to. Love comes in many forms and it happens to people from all walks of life. Why not show those kind of love stories instead? 

But I guess people love the typical things you know. People love the idea of being married to someone rich and living the perfect life with no worries in the world. Who wouldn’t want to live that way? I certainly would love to – but that’s a different story. What I am trying to say is that I wish (Malay) t.v. series or dramas or Samarinda or whatever you want to call it, I wish they play a more realistic story of love. 

But this is just me. Who cares what I think? Pfft.


Oh, Crush.

You are hanging out with your friends at some random restaurant and while you guys are chatting, walks in this beautiful girl or handsome guy and you are just, charmed by their appearance. You look at them from top to bottom, busily scrutinizing their every feature – hair, eyes, nose, ears, clothes, accessories and more – and everything around you suddenly hushes down, stops and it seems like there was only you and her/him at the present time. But she/he hasn’t noticed your spying ways; and honestly you don’t want her/him to. You gulp as she/he smiles to the waiter or waitress and you inhale and exhale your breath in slow motion as she/he moves her/his lips to make her/his orders at the counter.

And then your mind starts playing tricks on you. You start to imagine yourself coming up to her/him and striking a random conversation about the weather, cars, sports, movies, books and suddenly you realize that she/he is the girl/guy of your dreams. In that split second of mind trickery, you already imagine you and her/him going on wonderful dates, getting married, having wonderful children together, growing old together and die together ala The Notebook. 

She/He takes her/his orders and slowly moves to the door to exit but as she/he walks to the door, she/he turns to look at you looking at her and she/he flashes this most gorgeous smile that you swear could eliminate the eclipse. You gulp. She/He walks out of the restaurant and your world starts moving again. Your friends nudge you and ask if you are alright and all you could do is nod. And then you join in their conversation again and act as if nothing’s happened.

Crushes are a powerful thing. It makes you yearn for something you cannot possibly have (most of the time). It’ll make you feel empty and desperate to be touched by that one person that you truly want to be with but simply cannot because for some reason, you know that they will not take a second glance at you. They probably will take a second glance at you, but probably they’d think “Nope sorry, I have someone else much better than you in my life right now.” So you’re left feeling desolate and quite devastated, although you don’t know whether they are taken or not. 

But there are instances when you feel like, “Hey look, my crush is reacting positively towards my advancements,” which include fleeting and quick glances and weird smile. And they’d probably think, “Pervert, why are you smiling at me?”

Why do we feel this way towards our crushes? They’re only humans like us and yet we place them so high in our mind that we’d start creating scenarios that are virtually impossible to achieve in the present time and future. How can we react so violently towards someone we have not gotten to know yet? Is it because of the way they look? They way they smile? Their bright eyes and charming smile? Their build? Their impeccable way of dressing? Their intellect and laughter? What is it that makes crushes so special in our heads?

I am confident when I say I am not the only one feeling this way. When you look at someone so hot in your eyes, your hormones mess with your brains and your heart and then they mess with your emotions and you become this poetic writer, this over dramatic dramatist and you become mind numbingly dumb that you cannot react appropriately to get your crush’s attention. 

I am not the kind of guy who is confident enough to start an advancement towards a crush (unless that person happens to be in the virtual world. But even then I have my reserves). This is simply because I am not confident enough with the way I look and I simply know that that person is someone who is way beyond my reach. You know like, you want to be with Emma Roberts or Emma Stone or Emma Watson but you know you cannot be with them because they’re diamond and you’re a basic rock.

So you go back home and in your most quiet hours and moments, you’d recount the moment when you had laid eyes on your crush and the overwhelming desire to be with that person overpowers you and you have nothing else to do but close your eyes and hopefully somewhere and sometime in your dreams, you’d get to meet your crush and you and her/him will get to live the future that you have always imagined in your head.

And the whole scenario starts wen you set your eyes on a new crush.

Movie Review

X-Men Days of Future Past: A Movie Review


X-Men Days of Future Past can be easily said as one of the best movies in the X-Men franchise. It has a clearer story line, better casts overall but I couldn’t help but feel there is something missing in the movie. For those of you who have yet to watch the movie, I think you better go and watch, NOW.

The movie is all about going back into the past to save a bleak future where both men and mutants are being killed by the mutant hunting robots called the Sentinels. Fearing for the worst, what is left of the X-Men (which is not much by the way), band together to safe the apocalyptic future. Kitty Pryde, the girl who gets to go through things, somehow has the ability to send back people into the past. Wolverine volunteers to take part in a time-continuum journey that could ultimately harm him in the process, but Wolverine being the all mighty and the regenerative agent, can take such perilous journey. Will he be able to band together the X-Men of the past who have been torn apart by events prior to 1973? You’ll have to watch it for yourself.

Overall I think the movie was alright. I hoped for more (I always do for movies that I anticipate for) but I guess this time Bryan Singer opted for a more dynamic and well-balanced movie with great script, fast-paced action sequences and scenes that are meant to tug at your heart strings. There were times the scenes got a little too long. I don’t know if I was tired or if the scenes were dull, but I yawned more than once. I call for more action where the mutants get to show more of their abilities for the next movie!

One of the best things about the X-Men movie franchise is you get to watch the mutants you love “come to life”. In Days of Future Past, you will get to see Bishop,Warpath, Blink, Quicksilver, Sunspot, Ink and other familiar (but younger) mutants come back to life. One of the most captivating mutants with a unique ability, I think Blink was the coolest. Creating portals in mid air and able to transport yourself and others through those portals to create stealthy attacks, increased momentum attacks and to evade attacks are so cool. I mean, c’mon! How many other mutants can create portals like her?!







The break out stars for the movie would have to be Jennifer Lawrence , Michael Fassbender and Evan Peters. Miss Lawrence just shines through the silver screen even when she was blue. You couldn’t help but fall in love with her bad ass combat moves, her shape-shifting abilities, and her aspirations to kill the guy who had killed her friends. Michael Fassbender as the younger Magneto is one of the best casting decisions in any movies I’ve watched. He gives younger Magneto the drive and passion of a genius and powerful mad man but with just hints of emotions for you to feel as if you are on the same page as he is. Even though his appearance was short, Evan Peters as Quicksilver was a joy to watch. Peters brought charm, cheekiness, and an overall fun personality to the super fast Quicksilver.




Overall, X-Men Days of Future Past was an enjoyable movie. If you have been a fan of the movie franchise from the get go, you will be thoroughly satisfied with Bryan’s take on this one. Who knew from one of the more quiet characters during the first three movies, Mystique had such a rich and powerful background story! Singer brings out the best out of the X-Men which includes powers, emotions and the struggles between fighting for the good and being on the bad side with a cause.

The X-Men movie always revolves around one common theme: Humanity. If you have this word in your head, you’ll basically know what the movie is going to be about, but let me just sum it up for you. Some humans want to eradicate mutants, mutants get pissed (basically usually involves Magneto and his gang) and want to kill the humans and have their revenge, X-Men and team Magneto fight and cause a stir and after all that has been said and done, everything dies down. For the movies prior to Days of Future Past, the recipe and story line premise has always been the same and it is no different here in Days of Future Past. Hopefully the next installment will be a bit different from the X-Men movies we have watched and grown to love (and hate).

X-Men will definitely become one of the highest grossing films this year due to the anticipation from the fans, the star-studded casts as well as the action-packed scenes that will keep you glued to your seats. Bryan Singer has brought to life our most beloved characters from the comics into life and he has definitely done justice to this one (according to some of the reviews I’ve read).

Please stay after the credits have ended because you’ll get to have a sneak peek at what the future X-Men movie will be about.

Movie Review

Godzilla 2014 Movie Review


I just finished writing this really cool piece about Godzilla the first time and then it wouldn’t post and then when I refreshed the page it’s GONE! Thus, being too pissed and angry at myself (because it was a great finished product, I know) I’m gonna keep this post about Godzilla as short and simple as possible.

Excuse me, coming through. Sorry for thrashing Golden Gate. Sorry, excuse me. Coming through here fellas.

Excuse me, coming through. Sorry for thrashing Golden Gate. Sorry, excuse me. Coming through here fellas.

You're gonna hear me roaaaarrr ohhh ohh ohhh ohhhh

You’re gonna hear me roaaaarrr ohhh ohh ohhh ohhhh

Reviewers have been gushing on how much the new Godzilla by Gareth Edwards pays homage to the original 1954 Gojira by Japanese film-makers. From the tough, muscular, short-snout, small, glowing red eyes, tough exterior with razor sharp spikes protruding from its back and the radioactive breath, Gareth made sure that the new and improved monstrous and bad ass Godzilla stays true to the original as much as possible – unlike what Roland Emmerich had done in the 1998 Godzilla. Although I loved the 1998 Godzilla (even if the hero was Matthew Broderick), I now understand why reviewers were/are pissed about the finished product. The 1998 Godzilla didn’t resemble anything close to the Godzilla people have known to come to love and embrace. It looked like a giant iguana who eats fish. Maybe it can become someone’s pet.

Comparison between the 1998 Godzilla with 2014 Godzilla

Comparison between the 1998 Godzilla with 2014 Godzilla

Anyways, did I love the new and improved Godzilla? Yes of course I did! It was humongous, it was muscular, it was bad-ass. Did I love the new movie overall? Meh.

Here’s why:

While the new Godzilla and its nemesis, the MUTOs (Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Object(s) – seriously, what’s with the name? Hurricanes get cooler names than this) are super duper cool and bad ass (I couldn’t say this enough) and are a joy to watch as they wrestle and lay San Francisco to ruins and ashes, I couldn’t help but feel that there is something missing.

And I know what that something is.

Bless Edwards for making the Godzilla stay true to its original form, but he had underutilized the talented Brian Cranston and Juliet Binoche and instead he had “replaced” the more experienced actors with the uber dashing and hot Aaron Taylor Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen. Although Johnson and Olsen are eye-candies on the big screen, but I feel they play very little role in the Godzilla story line. It’s not just Johnson and Olsen, but Ken Watanabe and Sally Hawkins who both play as scientists studying ancient monsters (or something like that) are very helpless too. You’ll feel like shaking their shoulders and shout, “BITCH YOU’RE THE SCIENTISTS! FIGURE THIS OUT, AND I DON’T LEAVE IT TO THE US MILITARY BECAUSE THEY’LL USE NUCLEAR WEAPONS WHILE THEY THEMSELVES URGE OTHER COUNTRIES TO NOT USE NUCLEAR WEAPONS!” Ok, a tad of politics there. Sorry. It just seems like they are there because they are there. Get what I mean? You’ll understand when you watch the movie. I think the movie’s story line could have more impact if… ah never mind. I’d be making my own script when I’m done writing the “what ifs”.

The closest thing I could compare Godzilla 2014 with is the awesome and breathtaking Pacific Rim (which I will watch again because it is that awesome). If you want me to pick between Kaijus and Godzillas, and the US military and the Jaegers from around the world, of course I’d pick the Jaegers and Kaijus because they’re better looking. Pacific Rim has an overall better story line. The monsters in Pacific Rim thrashed cities and countries because they want to while Godzilla and the MUTOs thrash the place with a purpose. So that kinda kills of the excitement a little for me.


Look at how short the 2014 Godzilla is with the Jaegers. I bet the Jaegers can kick the ass out of Godzilla.

A chart comparing the sizes of Kaijus, Godzillas and Jaegers

A chart comparing the sizes of Kaijus, Godzillas and Jaegers

Look at how small 2014 Godzilla is compared to the skyscrapers of the world. But I wouldn't recommend hiding in tall buildings if Godzilla comes to town

Look at how small 2014 Godzilla is compared to the skyscrapers of the world. But I wouldn’t recommend hiding in tall buildings if Godzilla comes to town

I could also compare it with the original 1954 Gojira but that would be a bad move because why would you compare a classic with a baby? I can compare it with the 1998 Godzilla but that would be pitting an over-sized iguana with a reptilian monstrosity whose age and size surpasses the dinosaurs. In other words, 2014 Godzilla will kill 1998 Godzilla in an instant. So what’s the final verdict? Well, if you have a sky-rocketing expectations about the movie (like I did before I went to watch it), tune down your expectations a little. So Mr. Edwards, thanks for making Godzilla 2014 looking more like a bad-ass than a giant lizard, and thanks for making it breathe super-duper cool radioactive breath. For that, and that alone -along with the MUTO fight scene – I will award you with a solid B for Bad-Ass Godzilla.

Rating: 3.5/5


Worried – Big Time

What happens when you realize you have made the wrong choice in life?

I feel like at this very moment, I have made the wrong choice – career wise. I don’t know if what I am doing now is the right thing. I’m scared. The job is what I want for now – a writing position which requires me to be creative and write things that matter. But the company is new, it’s fresh – it’s unstable. I don’t know if it will survive. If it doesn’t survive, then I’ll be in deep shit. 

I miss the old job though it was sucky and far away. I could have gotten myself a car by now. But I made the choice to leave and here I am, being anxious, worried and sick about this new place because it is still new and I don’t know if the company will make it through or whether it will shut down. I’m like seriously worried up to the point of being nauseous.

The new job is great. I love it. It’s closer to home, it’s less stressful, but it’s the position of the company that scares me. Maybe I’m being impatient. The company is new and it needs to be pushed forward. I am ready to push it forward but I don’t know if it will survive after being pushed. I hope it does. I hope it prospers. I hope it grows. I hope it succeeds. It will be a great experience to be a part of a growing company. It’ll look good on my resume to be one of the pioneers. 

I just hope I and my friends and colleagues will make it because everybody’s life is depending on this company.


Being Selfish

Selfish is a negative trait.Oxford Dictionary defines selfish as: (Of a person, action, or motive) lacking consideration for other people; concerned chiefly with one’s own personal profit or pleasure: And this definition is true to the brim. 

But what if I tell you sometimes, being selfish is a good thing?

You are a dream chaser, and people have always been telling you to go after your dreams. But what if that dream involves leaving them – the people you love – behind? Is that a dream that you want to chase? Or would you rather stay behind because you come from a family of seven and they need you to provide them with a better life and hence leaving them would mean that they have to fend for themselves. But you are young, you have your whole life stretched ahead of you and you have made these grand schemes and plans of which most do not include them. Would you be willing to leave behind those individuals who have helped you along the way and guided you to become who you are? You are about to embark on an epic journey, but at what cost?

Being selfish sometimes means that you have to put yourself first, but it isn’t necessarily a bad thing – depending on the situations of course. If you want to become a superstar, a businessman, an artist or whatever it is that you want to become which requires you to leave behind your family for a better prospect for you and for them, by all means go. Be selfish. But don’t be selfish that you forget them along the way. 

Being selfish is good sometimes because it means you are allowed to go and have what you want in life. But it is not a good feeling sometimes when you think of other people who have sacrificed their lives to get you where you are today. What can you do in return? Remember them. Repay them back as best as you can. Do not be ultimately selfish and just think of yourself because at the end of the day, you have people’s feelings to consider. 

You can be selfish and you are allowed to feel that way because you need to make a life for yourself before you can help others along the way. That is why when masks drop from the plane’s overhead compartment, you put it on yourself before others because you need to save yourself before you can save other people.

You need to learn to know when it is ok to be selfish and when not ok to be selfish. It’s not something you learn from books or tv or music, it’s something you acquire along the way in your life. In life, be selectively selfish. Make right choices!


Rambling of an Insecure Guy

Funny thing about life – it surprises you and scares you into the unknown. It’s true. You don’t know what is going to happen to you, where you are heading to, how you are going to get there and basically all you can do is plan. When I was in uni, I couldn’t wait to get out into the “real world” and start making a living. I scored my way through uni thinking that it’d become a golden ticket for me to pursue the career of my dreams. Alas, life hasn’t been that easy.

Have you ever thought about money and how jittery you get when you are running out of it? Like you constantly have to be on your feet thinking how to survive the next day with enough cash because you have rent to pay, food to eat, transport to travel with, friends to hangout with, family to care for – all those things are essential things and you need money. I thought with my qualifications I could score myself a comfy 9-5 job with a more-than-descent paycheck that could help me through my days – but that hasn’t happened yet.

I begin to realize that I am slowly becoming a young adult who is in need of a job to secure his life, and I am beginning to lose the carefree and adventurous guy that I was a few years ago. I now worry about getting paid, about meeting deadlines every single day and I worry about where I am heading to for the next few years of my life. I worry about just melting into the unknown without doing anything special with my life.

I thought by this age I would’ve figured the way my life would be and though some of those directions have worked well, there are more challenging roads up ahead that I constantly feel nervous about. I thought being an adult was fun but now I realize nobody wants to be old. Nobody wants responsibilities. People want as little responsibilities as they can because at the end of the day, what you want to achieve is total peace, calm, tranquility and zen. 

What I want to do is to explore, and write and do the things I love at my own sweet time and getting paid for it. Who doesn’t? It’s a dream life for me. I am not getting any younger and I am very envious of those who have traveled to places that I can only see from the screens of my laptop, tv and phone. I yearn for something new and refreshing in my life. I am craving for it. It’s like, a feeling that I couldn’t describe. A longing for something that I never had in the first place.

Because what matters most at the end of the day is for you to be happy and sometimes, it is the only thing you want to be – happy; and fulfilled.