American Idol’s Best Performances


Who will be the lucky 13th Idol?

American Idol is going to end its 13th season soon as this week, we are gearing up for the Top 5 and in about 2 weeks or so, a new Idol is going to be crowned. Though the number of viewers of the once mighty reality tv show is slipping week by week, you cannot deny the power that Idol has when it comes to discovering talented individuals. Unlike X-Factor US and even The Voice, American Idol is legit because it has produced worldwide superstars. X-Factor is going into its 4th season and The Voice 7th, and neither one of these shows have produced stars that they can be proud of – well, at least X-Factor US has Fifth Harmony to be proud of but The Voice? Na-da.

There are no plans so far to cancel American Idol and it has been confirmed that the show is set for its 14th season and I believe if they want to pull in viewers, they should bring back Nicki Minaj because she’s a better judge than J.Lo, Keith, Henry and Mariah combined. Bring her in along with Simon Cowell and Nicole, I think Idol’s set for revival. (but of course this won’t be possible because Simon’s too busy trying to save X-Factor US from getting canned).

So as we’re counting down the days to the Idol finale, let us look back on some of Idol’s best performances – according to me, of course. Click on the song titles to listen to them:

Haley Reinhart: I Who Have Nothing

House of the Rising Sun

Phillip Phillips: We’ve Got Tonight

U Got It Bad

Kelly Clarkson: Natural Woman

A Moment Like This

Fantasia Barrino: Summertime

I Believe

Jessica Sanchez: Sweet Dreams

Pia Toscano: I’ll Stand By You

Kris Allen: Heartless

Ain’t No Sunshine

Jennifer Hudson: Circle of Life

David Cook: Always Be My Baby

David Archuleta: Imagine

Elise Testone: Vienna

Whole Lotta Love

Honorable mentions:

Adam Lambert: Mad World

Constantine Maroulis: Bohemian Rhapsody

Carrie Underwood: Alone

Lakisha Jones: And I Am Telling You

Jordin Sparks: On A Broken Wing

Chris Richardson: Don’t Let the Sun Catch You Crying

Geek in the Pink

Katharine Mcphee: Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Chris Daughtry: Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman

Jason Castro: Hallelujah

Candice Glover: Love Song

Tell me what’s your fave Idol performance(s) ever!


The Thing About Girls And Bad Boys

I think I’ve figured out why women tend to fall for bad boys:

Bad boys are basically more exciting, unpredictable and deeply alluring. Girls find those qualities extremely attractive and endearing. Good boys are nice, but they are dull. When I was little my cousins would usually tell me how they prefer a bad boy in a boy band because they find them to be sexy. I didn’t know what sexy was let alone the term “bad boy” so I didn’t say and think much. But as I got older I’ve finally figured out why women love bad boys.

The epiphany came after watching a movie called Austenland. The protagonist goes to an Austen-esque trip to experience what it was like living during the Jane Austen era and hopefully in the end, she’d meet her Mr. Darcy. And boy, did she find Mr. Darcy. The cold, arrogant and alluring Mr. Nobly was the quintessence of what a Mr. Darcy is – arrogant, judgmental, cool and very attractive. At then when the credit rolled, a thought awoken from within me:

Women love something challenging, something that is not straight-forward – something that is not easy.

Women love complicated things and this love for all things complex and complicated implies towards men too. They love that they couldn’t figure out why one Earth they love the bad boys – but they do. The fact that bad boys are a riddle that they wont’ be able to solve is something thrilling and exciting for them. We know how women love bad boys.

Women love the challenge.

I’m not saying that every woman loves bad boys, but for the most part, most of them kinda do. I think it is mostly the fact that women think that they could change them somehow, or the fact that the boy’s hard heart would just melt for them. I think women believe they can change these boys because of the ideas being implanted in their heads through movies or books they have read. Pride and Prejudice, 10 Things I Hate About You, A Walk To Remember and even Disney’s Tangled remind women that the bad boys are more of an interesting character than the good ones.

I’m not saying good guys don’t have a chance in scoring women, but if they are up against bad boys, it’ll be a tough competition. No guy would like to be against a bad boy because somehow the bad boy would always be more attractive and alluring and at the end of the day, more endearing to women. I think women love the idea that these boys are tough, but when it comes to them, the boys would just take away their facade and become someone else who is tender, sweet and loving.

Bad boys are a force to be reckoned with. So good guys, good luck!

ImageJane falls for the brooding, arrogant and sexy Mr. Nobly


A coming of age story about a bad boy falling for a bad girl.


Write Over Me, Please?

I haven’t been doing this blog justice. I should write more stuff in it but I just feel so tired, lazy and I’m starting to get demotivated thinking that no one would read my post. I am getting tired of people not reading the stuff I write. It’s frustrating you know? It’s like, directing a movie that no one would want to go watch. It’s depressing. 

But I guess I couldn’t force feed people to read what I’ve written. Maybe I’m not an entertaining enough of a writer to pull in the crowd ya know? I’m still young though, but I’m not getting any younger. It’d be nice if someone comes here and read my posts without ever being force-fed. But I guess, who wants to read a blog by a guy who’s dull and unexciting?

The things in my head are exciting – and dreamy too. 

I’m digressing.

The point of this post is to remind myself to write more stuff, even if no one reads it. Who cares AJ? Yeah, you do. But this is a great training ground for you to lash out stuff in your head. It really is. So what if no one reads it, or if you have to force-feed people to read? So what? Just believe in yourself. (Did I just motivate myself here? Uh, embarrassing.)

Go ahead and write. Just do what you know you do best and write. Even if you cannot inspire others, it’d be nice just to inspire yourself – because at the end of the day, you are your own worst critique. So go ahead and write and be great at it. You’ll go somewhere. Be patient.

So for now, continue writing. You’ll never know where it can take you.