This Is Life

So, is this it?

Have you ever given that a thought?

It – refers to your life at its most current state, the present. 

Sometimes, one of those days, as you are traveling back from or to work, have you ever thought about a better life for yourself? I constantly have that thought. I think about leading a more fun-filled, adventurous life, surrounded with the people I love. I dream of a life where I could just beam and laugh all day, and where I am not scared about losing the people I cherish most, of going to places I want to go, and doing things I want to do.

And then I think about other people who I encounter everyday. Is this the life he/she chooses or did he/she just settled down and got comfortable with things that are happening in his/her life. Comfort is good. It shows stability. But it also shows mundane-ness, because you are settling into a routine that you’ll find hard to break from.

Some people are lucky. They get to do and have anything they want. They look so happy. We, the normal people, however, find it hard to just go for a short break because we can’t just seem to afford it. So we relish ourselves in some little wonders and miracles we have. We long for an escape from the daily things we are frustrated and depressed about

I dream of a life full of freedom, full of laughter, full of happiness, full of adventures, and full of families and friends.

Who doesn’t?


Where Are All My Friends

So, reality bites….

This is a short article/writing I stumbled upon as I was browsing through Thought Catalog. If I were to read this a year ago, it would’ve left me with minimal impact, but now, it has become one of the most significant articles I’ve ever read. I know exactly how the writer feels.

On some days I am left aching and empty as I look around for my friends and wonder what they are up to. I reminisce about those wonderful times we had – being young and carefree – doing stupid things and having very little things to worry. 2 years ago I would’ve told my future self that I couldn’t wait to graduate and make my own money. 2 years ago I would’ve told my future self that I couldn’t wait to be a full-fledged adult, working in the real world. 

I would’ve laughed and I would say to my former self, “Kid, take your time. Enjoy the moment. Have fun. Enjoy the company of good friends. They’ll just be memories.”




So this winner really out did herself with this song….

This version really melts my heart and takes me to places beyond my imagination. I always thought Demi Lovato’s (though original) version was annoying but Sam Bailey really dig deep for her own powerful rendition of this song. I’ve been replaying this version over and over again today and I believe the music industry really needs to bring back the powerful vocals into the scene because honestly, it is getting tiring listening to all those club beats.


The First One

So, a new Journey begins….

For those of you who are familiar with me and my (ramblings) writings, this will be my third blog. Since it is a new year and I am getting older, this blog will be more personal and accessible. I will be more open with my thoughts, and I will share more things – not just texts like what I used to do, but this time around there will be videos, pictures and whatever I feel like sharing.

I will be more vocal (I guess) with this blog and I hope I can stick with this theme of “growing and learning” of which I hope will inspire me (and you) towards a deeper sense of what life is (and also there’ll be shallow things as well, that’s the fun part). This time around I want to be more artistic in a way, with how I express myself, and I want to be more mature. And I hope I can stick with this blog longer than I did with the first two (haha)

It is definitely, always will be, an adventure when you start something new. This is the start of my adventure, and I hope you will be able to go through the adventures with me.